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Living without electricity could be very hard for others. As it plays a very vital and important role now in our life. Most of the people would enjoy watching movies on their computers or phones. Others would love to stay in a cooler place because of the hot weather they have. Others can’t live without electricity as their major work comes from using the electricity, for example, the machines in the factory, the lights for the offices for them to see what they are doing correctly and wrongly.  ELECTRICITY If there is no electricity, there is a huge possibility that people would depend on different kinds of sources of energy like the Perth solar which uses sunlight to get energy and create electricity? Aside from that, you can try to make up and invent others things in order for you to survive life without current. Remember that people before don’t have electricity and they don’t have advanced technology to worry about. Here are some of the ways that you can do for living so that you can survive a place without electricity.  

  1. If you have the plan of living your life without the source of the electricity. Then, you need to come up with a different source for you to use in the future If you can afford the solar energy panels, then that would be a good choice to have. You can also have the wind turbine or water turbine to choose in making this one possible. Aside from these, you can also make research to know the different ways to get electricity. In this way, you have to consider the stuff you have in your environment. You have to make sure that all the stuff and tools that you will be using are also available in your area. 
  2. For your light, you can have a lot of alternatives. During the daytime, you may use the natural light coming from the sun. For the evening, you could have the lamp using the kerosene. You may also use a lamp that is rechargeable through solar or sun directly. You can charge it during the daytime and use it in the evening or whenever there is no light or you need to have the light.  
  3. If you are used to cooking using the electric stove but now you are considering of not having electricity. Then, you may use some charcoal or woods to cook foods. Many years ago, old people would do this kind of process of cooking. It saves so much when it comes to gas and fuel and even to the electricity.  
  4. Of course, a refrigerator is very useful but since you considered not to have this electric current. Then, you need to know about the different ways to preserve foods. You can make pickles out of the fruits or vegetables or even dried fruits and vegetables.  
  5. You can wash your clothes by hands instead of washing it with the machine.  

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